Before I write anymore blogs, and anyone reads anything, I want to clarify certain things.
I absolutely don’t know what blogs are. Therefore I shall take the obvious meaning and use it to write something I’d like to share with the reader.
In the first place, I expect NONE to read any of my blogs. Lately I have discovered the pleasure of writing, and I thought this way is better than sending mails, which can turn out to be spam for some. I never re-read what I’ve written. So some of the postings may be utterly boring or nonsensical. But still, the whole purpose being giving vent to creativity, I won’t bother about the critics of my thought.
Now something about the name: I had seen a similar name (in Marathi), of a handwritten book, a long time back. I liked the name and thus it stands as a header. My blogs will indeed be pure reflections of my mind, and so, the name is apt.
For someone who has stumbled upon this page just by coincidence, I must talk about who I am. Well, by god’s grace, I am a student of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Dept. maths.
After coming to iit, I started experiencing what freedom is. Naturally, in the serene environment, my mind wandered far to know myself. I have purposefully observed my self in various situations, in matters of mind and heart. Now after two years of introspection, I daresay I do have some answers. But one thing is sure, that there exists a natural correspondence between my desires and my mind + heart states. Now, looking back to my stay in IITK, I do know most of my desires that made me act as I have acted. Some remain distressfully unfulfilled, which will continue impressing me. I still am hazy about my ultimate goal in life, and am in search of it.

I guess this will suffice as an introduction!


Gayatri said...

whoa! that's through and through honest.. well, do keep writing w/o any qualms about it. I'm sure it'll be way DIFFERENT from the mundane.

yog said...

i agree with Gayatri