The story of my experiments with Dreams. (2)

Actually, I don’t have much interesting to add to my previous entry on the related topic.

However I would like to make a small classification of dreams.

There are two types of dreams I get. The first type is of Shallow Dreams. They are just superficial outburst of my recent emotions. The other type is that of Deep Dreams. In this type of dreams, I see crazy things, mostly incoherent with my present mindset. These dreams might yield interesting results upon interpretation.


So, while I was home for the winter vacations, I got a recurrent dream. I had seen this dream before, and I came to know this only after having that dream for the second time. Now, this time, the characters were more vivid. Both the dreams were centered about the same person, and I could remember her outfit in the second dream. I believe that the dream was obviously a Shallow one. I remember getting a tacit feeling of remembering the earlier dream while I was watching it for the second time. But the second dream was much more memorable.

Expecting a dream:

Two days back, something happened, that made me expect that I would get a certain type of dream. And I actually got that dream. Not wholly in the form I expected, but more or less the same.

(NB: All the 3 dreams were about existing persons. And telling the stories by putting “X” instead of their names is not a good idea either. For, after reading the descriptions, most of you can guess who they are.)


Prasad Chaphekar said...

aai ga.. kasli Tharvun swapna paDaylay! kahi khara nahi.. tarich tu evdha haravlela disat hotas treat madhe.... :D

Shashank said...

hi treat chya adhichi goshta aahe

Anand Sarolkar said...

Read "INterpretation of Dreams" by Sigmund Freud

Shashank said...

though i have written "These dreams might yield interesting results upon interpretation.",
in reality, i am not interested in the dream interpretation.

I dont know how scientific is psychoanalysis.
But, thanks for the comment.