On the road (2)

On the road (2)

Infinite expanse of the fields stretched till the horizon in an unending twilight, a cool summer evening in an unknown land, and we were driving in this god doomed world with eyes wide open, clearly unsure of the night shelter. There we were, where no one goes, in between two desolate cities of a strange world. Black flat fields lay till the vision went, till they vanished on the ornamented purple of the evening, till the purple vanished on the black dome of the sky much bigger than anything I had ever seen before. Black, Purple, Black, Purple, the Darkest rhythm, Black, Purple, no escape. The whole scene hooked on to the wonderful crescent moon, and a brainless stole riding casually on the strongest winds but still stuck in the window panes, no escape. The expanding, bursting infinity seamed tight shut with equally infinite stars, with one final stitch at the crescent moon, no escape. And how only a few days ago, we were atop a majestic mountain, playing with the hailstorms and a golden sunshine - from where I could see the Aryans vanquishing, the Genghis khan raping, the Arabs conquering, the Mughals demolishing, the Imperialists extorting – all with a silver light in their hearts, and how the dedication of the Rig Veda goes to the ancestors, the forefathers, the first seers, the virgin explorers, the ones who set this doomed world in a definite motion with their very deeds. The foolish saints never understood what those who went before asked. Who am I? such an easy question! What are we but a filthy product of those who influence us, what are we but a dirty consequence of the unidirectional society that immerses us, what are we but a hideous dose of the hormones that define the mankind, what are we but slaves to a loud propaganda, what are we but chained captives to happiness, no escape! And how our freedom is granted us by the others! What are we but dung beetles feeding on the dungs of history, mired in the mirages of the illusory future! And how I envy the first man who walked this earth, who defined himself and who was, by definition, free of any genetic memory whatsoever. And how I envy the first man who did not carry the burden of his forefathers, for he had none! And so I remember the bearded man living like a leech clutching the misty ridge in a tall rain forest far far away, where you could see no farther than a few feet, and how your feet were always infested with leeches. How he had tried to free himself from the differential equations of this society. Not easy, almost impossible by definition, abandoning the laws, no escape. And then there are those who always go with the flow, influenced and such, slaves to propaganda, and then there are those who think the way to go is opposite, rebels and such, slaves to hormones --- and how the best escape is neither, for it is completely perpendicular! Neither agreeing, nor disagreeing, completely independent. Wide open fields, Wide infinities. In between two crowded cities of an all too familiar world. There we were. A brilliant and binding and blinding golden light in our hearts guiding us. 

*Memories from Idaho and Kukke Subramanya


Bipin said...

Although, imo, there are contradictions in the longest sentence. But i am sure you are aware of them. :)

Swanand said...

Shankya, Class...!!!